What is baking

What is Baking?

Baking is a way of cooking food where we use dry heat which is basically carried out in the oven. Here heat transfers from the base to the center making the softer inside and dry crust outside.

From the ancient times, bread was the common baked item but later baking had transformed into the making of many fancy foods like pizza, baked potatoes, baked apples, baked beans, etc.

Basically, women bake at home for an everyday meal where men bake in bakeries and restaurant for selling in public.

The person behind all this art of baking is called a baker.


Baking has been started since 600BC in Ancient Greece where they used to make bread for meals. World oldest oven has been found in Croatia in 2014 which was dated back in 6500 years ago. Ovens and Bakeware have also been discovered in Turkey (Hacilar) to Palestine (Jericho) which dated back to 5600 BC.

During Roman Empire Baking was considered as one of the prestigious jobs as roman always love gatherings and parties so, for this event different pastry was made with different art and flavors which were around 300BC. Any Baker who can make a new type of baked food they were been prized so, from this inspiration there were about 300 bakers in around 1AD at Rome. In 168BC baker association or a community has been created in Rome.

Baking vs Cooking

 Cooking is a form of art for making different types of foods. The style of Cooking differs from region to region with different techniques and ingredients. We cook food by different methods like Frying, Roasting, Grilling, Steaming, Baking, etc.

It is a type of cooking which uses dry heat. This technique has got a fantastic way of cooking Bakers to apply heat at the surface of cakes, cookies, and gradually this heat transfers to the center of the bread which makes the bread softer inside and dry crust outside.